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How To Write An Effective Copy [Which Sells]

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Well, as a marketer or business owner you can not afford a bad copy that will not give you any returns.

And for writing a great copy you need to do a lot of research to understand to whom you are writing? and what are they looking for?

That's when you can create a great copy, which will sell.

Also, you need to understand being creative is good but it should not make the advertisement a puzzle for the audience because viewers don't try to understand your ad they will just see your ad at a glance. If you can convince them that is your creativity.

If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative. -David Ogilvy

Viewers just need to understand how your product or service meets their needs or how their life gets easier with your product or service.

All that your customers should understand is How?

How is the product or service useful for them?

How will the product make customers' lives easier?

How will they save time/save money?

How is your product or services different from others?

How is your product or service trustworthy?

So, Lets now see how can you craft a great copy, which sells.

To conclude, writing great copy takes a lot of time and energy, you need to do proper research before you get started with your copy, it may take some time but you need to understand how important it is to get it right.

If you want to add any point to the about list, or do you what to share the most frustrating point about writing copy, please do comments below.

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