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Hey all, This is Sundeep Mallipudi, A Passionate Digital Marketing Expert and Consultant with more than 6 years of experience in managing the entire gamut of activities such as creating business strategies, marketing plans, developing product campaigns, conducting marketing research studies and many more for different business and brands.

Over the last few decades business has changed a lot with the pace of digitization and globalization. With increase in internet speeds and data availability and consumption, more and more companies trying to capture the new market spaces, the social media has been at its peak, mobile usage has been drastically increased as a result lot many mobile apps has grown to serve the needs of people at their fingertips, artificial intelligence, automation has been a revolution and many more new technologies, new strategies, new markets has given the businesses a new era of hope and changed the way businesses are run today.

So, here in this blog, you can find hundreds of blogs, articles, videos on Business, Marketing, Technology, Finance, Operations, Advertising, Sales, Startup Strategies, Business Strategies, Real-time case studies and many more to assist you in growing your business. It’s never too late RE-DO your business now with the new trends and technologies in this 21st Century.