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7 SEO Content Optimization Tools that Experts Actually Use in 2020

Writing SEO friendly content goes beyond finding the right words, you need to write content that your audience really enjoys and is actively searching online. For some people, it’s natural to write amazing content. They have the ability to turn a single keyword into gold. But otherwise, there is a bit of refinement in creating compelling, engaging content. The increasing complexity of search engine optimization has made the process of creating content more complicated. To help you in your quest to create effective content, there are many SEO Content optimization Tools to improve the content. Below are some SEO Content Optimization Tools of Expert’s choice.

SEO Content Optimization Tools

  • SEMrush

  • Surfer SEO

  • Page Optimizer Pro (POP)

  • ClearScope

  • Cognitive SEO

  • Answer the Public

  • BuzzSumo


SEMrush is the most favorite tool for all SEO activities like keyword strategy, competitive research, links building, and many more including “Content Optimization”. As we all know that great keyword research is essential to write efficient content and SEMrush will help you in this regard and will provide you with keywords that attract high traffic and have less competition. In addition to its many uses in terms of competitive research, it also includes a tool for improving SEO content. “SEO Content Template” was the tool that lets you create content very effective all you need to do is give your perspective keywords as input and will create a list of recommendations for creating SEO friendly content, which you can take and incorporate in your content strategy.

Surfer SEO:

Surfer is a well-known SEO tool used by experts as it offers more specialized tools for SEO content. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Analyzer is an SEO tool that uses data-driven recommendations to find your targeted keyword. It evaluates all on the SERP and gives proper suggestions to improves your content. With this tool, you can also compare your webpage to your competitors and know which are the keywords that are performing, what key phrases are used in the content, whether they have common backlinks, and much more. With having this information, you can create competitive, quality, and structured content that satisfies search engine algorithms as well as real users.

Page Optimizer Pro (POP):

According to experts, Page Optimizer Pro is one of the greatest SEO tools for improving content using science. This SEO tool has the ability to create multi-page lists for even the most competitive keywords. According to its founder Kyle Roof, this tool is based on the results of more than 350 tests on Google algorithms and scientific On-Page methods. It just takes 3 steps to optimize your content using POP, First input your target webpage and main keyword. Second Let POP know which geographic your targeting. Third, Just apply all the recommendations that were suggested by POP for your page and Finally re-run the optimized page once again just to check if everything is fine. And now you can see your page on top of google search with optimized SEO Content.


To drive organic traffic to your website/webpage, it just not enough that your content is shareable, clickable, and readable. It needs to be highly relevant to what people are searching for. ClearScope works by analyzing your content and offers AI-based suggestions on how to improve your content so it becomes valuable for potential readers. This is a very efficient and straightforward tool. It will help you to fight the myth that the search engine content should be boring. This tool will get you the best out of the world to make your content more attractive and valuable.


Using cognitive SEO you can find the right content to produce for your targeted audience. You can analyze search volume, content difficulty, content performance, and a lot more to discover the opportunities to create valuable content. CognitiveSeo does a Google SERP reverse engineering and will give you access to the optimized strategies used by the top-ranking pages. It will give us how to optimize any piece of content for a set of keywords by introducing something called content performance score, using which you can see the exact impact that the content has on ranking.

Answer the Public:

Answer the Public tool helps create potential topics for your blog. This can be a great starting point if you are fully concerned with the need to write on your website. Just search for a keyword or a broad term and Answer the Public tool will create a real web of ideas. You can use SEO tools like SEMrush to determine if these titles have a large search volume. You can find ideas for topics you may never have thought of before which will help you to target your audience with valuable content.


For writing content, BuzzSumo is undoubtedly a popular tool. This SEO content optimization tool is widely used by the experts because it has great tools for all stages of the content process including title discovery, research, monitoring, and marketing. This tool will help you discover topics related to your industry, which can help you generate interesting ideas for blog posts. You can then monitor the success of your content marketing campaigns and even maximize your opportunities through effective marketing.

To conclude, It seems that content will never complete, so optimization is something that should be on the priority list of content creators. This process will become more enjoyable and efficient while using these SEO Content Optimization Tools because these tools are actually being used by the experts in 2020. Using these tools will make your content more valuable to your readers.

Additional Tools for making your Content Error Free


Even a professional content writer can make spellings and grammatical mistakes. Grammarly will save you in this regard because it captures more than 90% of the mistakes in your content. This tool checks your article for grammatical and spelling errors. This is a free writing assistant tool and you can use it directly in Google docs when you write your content. It’s not perfect but it is better than writing your content and hoping for the best. And the amazing fact about it is that it’s free. It is available for all platforms including the web desktop app, Android, and iOS. It works with almost every writing platform.

Hemingway Editor:

Hemingway Editor will assist you as your proof-reader and will find complex and difficult to read phrases. It also helps you scale the readability of your created content and suggest ways to improve it. You can simply paste your content in this tool and it will suggest the improvements that will help you to improve the grade of your writings. This is a free online tool but its desktop version is premium.

If you would like to add any more SEO Content Optimization tools please feel free to comment below.

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