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Keyword Research for SEO: The Ultimate Beginners Guide 2020

While dipping your toes into the world of SEO, one thing that always comes first & remains consistent for all the marketers to fully optimize the website is the perfect Keyword Research.

The need for the research of keywords is still there, but the methods have been changing over the past years.

It is the very first step that one should take to build your SEO strategies before the creation of any content for your site. Finding out the search terms that many visitors are using can help you in finding the right keywords for your site. In accordance with these keywords, later on, you can write some unique content for your website.

So for sure, this guide can help you in understanding the basic concepts of SEO i.e. keyword research in following aspects:-

  • About the keyword research for SEO

  • How keyword research can be beneficial?

  • Methods to perform keyword research effectively

So let’s begin with the first point:

About the Keyword Research

It is the regular process of detection & analysis of the keywords (actual terms) that users enter into the search engines to later utilize them for dominating the top page rankings on the search engine giants. So this is the way to rise higher in the search engine rankings.

With the list of these terms the site owner can actually create better content to attract more and more visitors so ultimately boosting up the traffic towards your site.

Without the utilization of this thing, you will end up losing your website’s reputation in the relevant market. It is the first step that is to be included in your keyword strategies & connected to the SEO of your website. It is the process that should never end up & should keep repeating itself with better updates. For the on-site SEO work, the keyword analysis is highly important.

How keyword research can be beneficial?

The process of keyword research for SEO can help you in boosting up the business in the following ways:

  • By this, you can understand the proper language utilized by the targeted audience at the search engine giants like Google.

  • The untapped queries can be discovered, that can help you in getting the paid customers directly from the organic searches performed on Google, Baidu & others.

  • The visitors you will be getting are already hot visitors, so you will be getting high engagement in terms of comments, sharing of any post, or even sales.

  • With the periodic assessment of the keywords, you will get a better understanding of the direction in which the users are heading.

  • Integrating the keywords & SEO right before your competition can be a solid advantage thereby the chance of getting the back-links.

  • Keywords analysis of the SEO can help you in getting the desired traffic at free of cost, so you will have less spending on your PPC cost.

  • Being a marketer or blogger, you can make use of keyword analysis for the finding of high CPC keywords, so by this, you can increase the ad revenue marginally.

Methods to perform keyword research effectively

There are multiple steps that you can perform better in your keyword search process:

Better understand your search engines

With the credibility of the search engines, you can get the desired information. For this task, most search engines depend on the algorithms to search on the huge web space & then properly index the content in accordance with your keywords.

For example, if you type ”watch movies online” then you will be getting the Netflix or Hulu appears on the first page of search engine results due to the reason that search engine giant Google prefers these sites as the most valuable across the world for your keyword ”watch movies online”.

Search engines merely don’t create the keywords on their own. The only thing that is highlighted here is the cold & hot keywords. Google finds the keyword strength based on how frequently it is used by the particular industry & this is the logic behind the PPC advertising on the search engines.

Search engines can enable you to do complete research on the popular keywords with the respective industry with the help of the keyword planner tool inside the Google Adwords.

Do your market research-completely

It is the advice from the SEO experts of the market to do your market research on the keywords completely before going about the task of launching your site & posting your content.

This task can enable you to rectify the hot keywords that have a lower level of competition, so it will be easier for you to get the top page rankings on various search engines.

Your relevant articles get you a large amount of traffic for your site. Apart from that, you can review the newsletters of your rivals to notice the highly attractive keywords. This will save you money & time.

Just do capitalization with the long-tail keywords

When talking about the keyword research for SEO most of the time people tried focusing on the popular head terms, but unfortunately, these head terms were already taken by the big companies online. On the other hand, the long-tail keywords have less traffic but at the same timeless competition also. It will be easier for you to get good rankings with a more specified approach by those long-tail keywords as the conversion rate with them is also higher.

For example, if your head term is about “teacher training” then a long-tail keyword can be “effective teacher training for beginners in London”. Using the best tools for keyword research you can get some amazing variants of your long-tail keywords.

Also, analyze your competition

If the competition you are facing with your niche is very high then it will be a hard task for you to get good ranks with those search terms. On the other way if it is low, then the ranking will be higher for those important head terms, so in clear words, you need to determine your competition.

Sometimes it is harder for you to have better rankings when the competition is strong in terms of brand names. You can still beat the brand names if the content written by them is not up to the mark & not well optimized. You can also make use of Google Adwords accounts by which you can see the PPC as the search terms with high PPC are also very hard to rank higher in the organic search engine results.

Start your journey of constructing the landing pages

It is essential for you to create the landing pages to get more & more traffic to your site. But at the same time after determining the search terms effectively, it is not necessary for you to create the landing pages accordingly with immediate action. This task is time taken & your keyword strategy can only help you in prioritizing these things.

The bottom line

With your list of effective keywords, you can easily focus on the relevant topics for your business. Apart from that, it is very important for you to re-consider your selected keywords regularly to have more authority with the SERP.

The keyword analysis should be done at the beginning of building an SEO strategy & you should focus on this challenging part.

If you would like to add anything more please feel free to comment below.

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