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6 Steps To Create A Winning Display Advertising Strategy in 2020

Today, brands and marketers are using different digital marketing channels to reach their targeted audience and display advertising strategy is incredibly popular among digital marketing channels.

Typically, display networks (publisher websites) act as billboards on the electronic highway.

Examples of Display Advertising

Display ads on the publisher's websites are the easy way to draw customers' attention and interactivity engage them. Display ads can be targeted based on different factors of the audience whether it may be demographic factors or geographic factors or interest-based or intend based and serve the ads based on the targeted factor.

These targeted display ads differ from person to person, for example, a display banner that is shown to an individual in Paris, who is interested in a shoe brand is different from one who's in Paris and is interested in instant packed food.

These extremely targeted display ads are served through different publisher platforms that are specialized in providing display ads globally.

Search engine marketing is undoubtedly the most famous digital marketing technique available but platforms like Google Ads,, Facebook Ads,, and other display networks have revolutionized today the way brands and marketers advertise.

But a lot of advertisers are struggling to get the ROI from their display advertising campaigns.

So, here’s your guide that brings together a whole range of ideas to help you go ahead and create a winning display advertising strategy.

Set You Display Advertising Campaign Goals:

The display advertising campaign strategy should always consist of achievable goals that a brand aims to achieve.

Whether they’ll include raising brand awareness, growing subscribers list, or increasing website traffic, sale, or conversions, the goals should be clear and achievable, so that you can work on and achieve the goals in the specified duration.

Let’s say your brand may be a watch. Do you want consumers to memorize your product as they browse other products, otherwise you want them to click on the ad and buy the watch? If the goal is the first one you would like to create brand awareness; if it’s the second, you’re looking to drive sales.

So to have a clear understanding of your goals whether the goal is brand awareness or conversion, it should include some number which you can achieve for example

  • Grow email list to 10,000 subscribers during the campaign

  • Increase in sales by 15%

  • Increase in conversions by 10%

  • Increase Traffic by 200%

  • Should achieve a 5% click-through rate

These numbers give you a clear idea for what you are working for, take any campaign for instance if you define what to achieve and when to achieve it is always easy to review your campaign success after the end of the campaign.

Since you have a clear number to achieve it is easy for you to calculate the percentage of success goal you could achieve and what factors have helped you to achieve the goal or what factors have effected you to be shot of your goal and also you can optimize your campaign accordingly.

Knowing Your Audience:

When it comes to understanding the audience we believe that it is not a primary aspect but without knowing your audience, you can never be successful or stand out from the crowd as the competition among brands and businesses are very high. So, it is always better to conduct market research to get to know your audience. By doing this you can create a clear persona of your audience.

By understanding your audience, you can plan exactly to whom you're going to serve your ads, where can you reach your targeted audience, what communication message you are going to give them through display ads to reach the goals set in your display advertising strategy plan.

Reaching Out To Your Audience:

Well, it is always important to create a strategy to reach your targeted audience the right way. Segmented audience approach is always the right way to target audience, an ad you show to an age group of 20 to 30 years old might not be interesting to 50-60 years old age group. So you need to segment and target the right audience with the right content at the right time that will proliferate your campaign success rate.

Again, you need to be clear on your objective of the campaign and then do the segmentation of the audience you wanted to target.

You can do segmented targeting by

  • Location-based: The most used and excellent targeting strategy for brands and businesses trying to create general brand awareness in a specific geographic region.

  • Demographic-based: You can target the audience with common traits that segment the targeted audience into more specific groups based on their age, gender, social status, etc. These segment targeted audiences will increase the engagement rate which will in turn help in increasing the conversion rate.

  • Interested based: Targeting your audience based on their interest can improve your chances of getting more engagement rate and also it is a kind of introducing your brand to a certain group of people with common interests

  • Intend Based (Re-targeting): Targeting the audience based on their intent to purchase something or interested in a particular product, in other words segmenting a group of people who have already visited your website or e-store and had abandoned your website without taking action. This targeting will increase your conversions and branding recall and it keeps the audience within the conversion funnel which will give you the opportunity to convert more.

Finding the right targeting method for your display advertising campaign strategy will give you a more precise focus and help you to reach the goals that have been set out.

Choosing The Right Tools:

Well, you need to invest in the right tools for executing your display advertising strategy to make your display advertising campaigns successful.

You need to understand the tools that you wanted to work with and consider using tools that will equip you to create and scale up your display advertising campaigns quickly and efficiently. The other challenging process is to choose the right advertising network but you need to get it right to make sure you achieve your campaign objectives. When it comes to media buying, whether you are going ahead with buying from direct publishers or you wanted to use programmatic platforms or you wanted to go ahead with an agency or you wanted to do it from an affiliate network it is all up to you, just choose the option which will be helpful for your in achieving your campaign objectives.

Create Compelling Creatives:

After putting in a lot of effort in crafting your display advertising strategy, if your audience is just not engaging with your banner ad, all your efforts go in vain. So, it is always important to have a proper banner ad designed alongside the display advertising strategy.

Display banners are the way you communicate with the audience if you are not able to take the attention of the audience you are just missing out on an opportunity. So, make the display banner design as attractive as possible for the first instance and then keep your ad content short and crisp which should reflect the brand message. Take your time to create the design which will communicate the right message to the audience that will give you the advantage of standing out from the crowded display banners.

Optimizing Your Landing Page:

Well, you have done everything to create an excellent strategy and you had been successful in making the audience clicking on the banner ads and coming to your landing page but if it fails to optimize the landing page for conversion, it will result in failure of your campaign. If you need to achieve your campaign goals the experience you are giving should be an end to end experience, so landing page optimization is also a crucial part of your display ad strategy.

In the first instance make your landing page exactly similar to the banner ads that you have shown to the audience, whether in terms of color, communication message, the promise/offer in the banner everything should be consistent and continuous then you have a good chance of conversion and a positive ROI.

To conclude, creating a display advertising strategy will help you to develop campaigns with more focus. Creating this strategy will also give you an opportunity to evaluate and improve your display advertising campaign performance. Your strategy will be the base for all of your further campaigns, so you will never need to start from scratch again. Overall, by building a display advertising strategy you can anticipate running better planned and more successful display advertising campaigns.

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