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09 Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Your Business [2020]

Well, do you find it hard to get traffic from social media platforms? Maybe most of you doesn't and still struggling to figure out some way to do that. Social Media algorithms are really tough to understand and it's getting harder and harder to get more traffic from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and every other social platform out there.

Today I'm gonna tell you, how to get more traffic from social media platforms using these

9 Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Before we get started

I have a question for you all - how many of you are getting a little to no traffic from any social media platform? Well, do reply to this question in the comment box below.

Ok, let's jump into the topic.

Buffer is the first tool I have for you guys, it is an easy one which allows you to schedule your social content out with her social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google +. It assists you in scheduling and posting your content easily and automatically.

Do you know, if you share the same contact on Twitter six times in a year you're going to get three times more traffic it's a simple hack works well and you should be doing it. Just remember one thing, when you share a contact most people won't get a chance to see it but you are creating content for the audience looking for it, so there's nothing wrong with showing the same contain number of times throughout the year. Schedule your postings in such a way that the same piece of content will go out on social media once every two months roughly 6 times a year.

Coming back to buffer, it has pretty cool features, let's look into it:

  • It can save tons of your time (which is money for a lot of business people) by allowing you to schedule your posts on different social media platforms many months in advance

  • It automatically shrinks the URLs you share, which gives us access to track the number of clicks on the link. If you already use Bitly, you can connect your account to the buffer.

  • Buffer will pull all the images and videos from the article you shared or you can upload custom photos and videos while scheduling your posts. You can access advanced analytics to track your post's/content’s performance.

  • And you can also post content on your social media platforms while browsing online using the Buffer browser extension.

  • Buffer has both free (with some restrictions) and paid versions of its platform.

Pricing: Free (paid plans start at $15/month)

Alternatives: Hootsuite, TweetDeck, IFTTT, Sprout Social and more

The next tool I have for you is Buzzsumo. You usually end up writing content and sharing that in social media and no one like or comment or engage with it but with the Buzzsumo you will know all the popular articles within your field and all the unpopular ones, just look at the topics that are popular right on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms. By doing this way you'll get more traffic because you're only writing stuff that people want to read about, now you are no more just writing whatever you want to write.

With this most powerful research tools, you can create awesome content which works for your, the other functionality includes:

  • Find the content at your fingertips, that’s most shared on social media platforms. You can check this for your website or someone else’s website and see what’s been shared socially

  • Find influencers related to particular topics and utilize them for creating an influencer marketing campaign

  • Get alerts based on keywords or for a brand name, links, author name, or for a particular website. This way you can track your competitors easily.

  • Buzzsumo Pro is an effective tool for competitor research but you need to have some budget for it.

Pricing: Plans start at $79/month

Alternatives: Ninja Outreach, Ahrefs and more

Let's now take about Biteable, creating fresh and unique content for social media platforms is not a small task. It is really an unsolved puzzle to create content that makes the audience engage on your social media platforms.

Do you know, on platforms like twitter visual content gets three times more engagement than normal plain text, so good visual content can help you to take your social media engagement to the next level. And also 64% of customers purchase after watching branded video content.

Biteable is one platform where you can easily create engaging, interesting, and informative short videos to share on your social media platforms. It has a lot of pre-made video templates that you can use by simple customization. It also has footage, pre-made animated scenes, music and everything you need for creating an awesome video. And you can host your videos on biteable for free of cost, with a watermark on the video. If you want to export a video without a watermark you just need to pay $15 and you get access to download (non-watermark) one video.

So, try using this amazing and simple to use tool to create your next social media post.

Pricing: Free (paid plans start at $15/month)

Alternatives: PowToon, Animaker, Wideo and more

4. Canva:

Well, canva is another tool that absolutely every business should know and use.

A lot of times we struggle to create content that attracts the audience, be it an image post or an infographic. You don't need to be a designer, just log in to canva and you will be able to create stunning images for your social media or other platforms without any designing knowledge.

Canva is also easy to use drag-and-drop interface which is why many marketers prefer this tool as their designing tool to design their social media images instantly. It has a lot of pre-made templates of posters, social media images/cover pictures, infographics, animated images, etc. It also has a library of over two million graphic elements that contains icons, and illustrations to make your own design and to make it look more professional without having to do much of the real design work.

Pricing: Free (Canva for Work starts at $12.95/month)

Alternatives: Stencil, Crello, Snappa and more

Now let's look into another tool called AddThis. We create content for the audience to read and engage with it and AddThis makes it easy for your readers to share your content with their favorite social media channels where other people get noticed with your content and they can also read the articles. AddThis is widely known for its social share buttons and the best part is it’s free of cost.

You can connect your website or webpage (blog page) to 200+ global social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, and more. The tools are fully customizable according to your site requirements. So you can select the type and match the colors to your branding and you can choose the placement of the buttons etc. All you need to do is create an account and set up your campaign and past the code on your website, that's it, you share buttons will be live and you check the status in AddThis dashboard by logging in anytime you want.

The Smart Sorting feature available in the AddThis platform automatically displaying readers’ (audience) most recent and frequently used social media channels first, which can boost your post sharing by up to 20%!

Pricing: Free

6. Sniply:

Let's talk about sniply. A lot of marketers and business owners out there will be using curated content of other sites to create social media posts. And unfortunately, a lot of times people will get engaged with the content of other sites and will be going to their website but your content will remain unengaged. Well, don't worry, sniply takes advantage of such curated content to drive traffic to your webpage. Yes, you read it right.

Sniply is a conversion tool, which allows users to add their own call to action button to any website's content page that you share. To make it simple it is like when you share other website content on your social media platform you can drive more targeted traffic back to your website with Sniply.

It is so easy to use and effective to drive traffic from your curated contents of other sites. So, you can give it a try with the free version which give almost all the feature as paid once with some restrictions.

Pricing: Free (paid plans start at $29/month)

7. elink:

Now let's see another tool call elink. elink is a one-stop solution for everything to do with your web links. Get the best content from around the web or your own webpages and bundle your web links to create content that you can share via email newsletters, social media or embed on your website/blog for fast publishing.

Collecting content from various sources and sharing them in a way that is attractive and meaningful is key to successful content curation, that is where elink help you to bring in its expertise. It has around 30+ responsive templates to use that are easily customizable the way we need it. Also, they have 80,000+ active users worldwide, it is one of the most useful tools when it comes to creating fast and attractive content curation.

Pricing: Free (paid plans start at $15/month)

The next is is a unified social media & CX management platform for every social media marketer. It offers a platform for all the companies to take their social media marketing and customer experience to the next level with social media listening, engaging, publishing, measuring, and community management.

You can create a plan for your paid and organic posts for all your social media platforms in one collaborative content calendar. You can also manage all your channels and moments at one go. With Falcon, you can boost your campaigns with more accessible and easier-to-use data.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $129/month

Let's now talk about ShareIt by Social Pilot (a SaaS product). It is a complete social media marketing tool that helps marketers, and business owner automates their social media management. It is a tool that can help you with content curation as well as finding influencers in your industry.

When you find trending content on ShareIt you can easily share it with one click and also on top of it you can see how is the influencer of that particular nitch. The platform is useful right from publishing posts on their profiles to analyzing their posts' performance and you can do all this for free of cost.

Pricing: Free

Well, what are you waiting for make us of the above tools and reach your social media audience with ease.

Thank you for reading through, if you enjoy the article do like it, share it and subscribe to the blog for more updates on digital marketing.

If you want to share some tools which I have not listed above, you can feel free to comment below your suggestions.

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